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Western Australian Artist
Immersive textured artwork that brings adventures to life!

Colours of calm, waves of textures and swells that last a lifetime.  My artwork is designed to evoking a sense of identity and captivate individuals, by transporting them back to a memory, or time and place of importance to them.   They all celebrate our wonderful and blessed costal lifestyles in Western Australia.  The colour blue is associated with feelings of freedom, intuition, imagination, inspiration and sensitivity.  The texture in my works represent meanings of confidence and stability, in an organic and naturally raw state.  Travel, adventure and connection to nature allow us to understand our inner psychology.  Bringing that into our homes, sparks conversations with guest and loved ones, and overall has great benefits for our mental health and happiness.  Life's a beach, get salty.  

 Be sure to join me on  INSTAGRAM  for a peek into my world

Morgan x

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