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Bachelor of Creative industries; 

Environmental and Spatial Design.

Inc. Illustration & Graphic Design.

Morgan has developed a distinctive signature style with her highly textured artwork, solidifying her presence in the Australian art scene.

Drawing inspiration from the coastal lifestyle, Morgan constantly pushes the boundaries of her art by exploring mixed media and shadowgraphy. She skillfully combines glossy textures with matte elements in her pieces, creating a play of light and shadow that evolves throughout the day, giving her art a dynamic, three-dimensional effect. The raw, earthy coastal essence of her work is not only visually captivating, but also irresistibly tactile.

When she's not in the studio, Morgan, along with her husband and three children, embraces the adventurous West Australian lifestyle, enjoying boating and caravanning while seeking out new experiences and basking in the sunlight. Her travels and love for exploration serve as a wellspring of inspiration for her art, with her own photographs and cherished memories often shaping her creative process.

Respecting the creativity of others, Morgan draws inspiration from fellow photographers while always giving proper credit and seeking permission for use. Graduating with a Bachelor of Creative Industries, she ventured into her own business, having previously honed her skills in spatial interior design and commercial illustration, including work on office designs and children's books. Today, her artworks exude a contemporary flair, influenced by design trends, while her background allows her to masterfully balance composition and aesthetics within a space.

Morgan's reputation has grown through her pop-up gallery exhibitions and live painting events, solidifying her as a respected artist in the industry.


  • 2024 FEB - Hillarys Boardwalk Live Painting and Solo Exhibition
  • 2023 SEP - Motion by the Ocean Charity Online Auction and Exhibition - FEATURE ARTIST
  • 2023 SEP -  Hillarys Boardwalk Live Painting with Peter Ryan - FEATURE ARTIST 
  • 2023 OCT -  Mountains of Colour Exhibition. Gallery at 61. WEMBLEY. 

  • 2023 JAN - JUL - Solo Pop-up Gallery Hillarys Boardwalk - MORGANS ART VIBE GALLERY 

  • 2023 JUN - VIP Interior and Art Event with Neo Interiors & Select Retailers - MORGANS ART VIBE GALLERY  

  • 2023 MAY - Mothers Day solo exhibition and event - Hillarys Boardwalk 

  • 2021 FEB - City of Joondalup Community Art Exhibition

  • 2022 NOV - DEC - Solo Exhibition and full gallery pop-up -  Hillarys Marina

  • 2022 OCT - FRANKII Clothing Collaboration. Retail Exhibition

  • 2022 OCT - VIP Fashion Event at Hillarys Boardwalk - FEATURE ARTISIT

  • 2022 MAY - DEC - Artist in residence - 5 Pop-up galleries display set ups in various locations at Hillarys Marina

  • 2021 - JUL -  34th St Marks Art Show

  • 2021 FEB - City of Joondalup Community Art Exhibition

  • 2020 FEB - City of Joondalup Community Art Exhibition

  • By The Sea homewares, CITY BEACH WA since 2022
  • FRANKII Clothing, Hillarys Boardwalk, since 2022

  • Cafe Collective, Lakeside Joondalup. Since 2023

  • NMP Collective Hillarys BoatHarbour, Since 2023



2020 Millie and her Mindful of Mess; Graphics, Cover Design & All Illustrations.



2003 City of Stirling Art Scholarship

"Art in all forms has the capacity to start a conversation and evoke a sense of identity."


Morgan X

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